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Two weeks, One Bag

Posted: Dec 14 2015


Yes, it can be done. Even if you’re going somewhere for 2 weeks, with proper planning, you can absolutely travel without checking a bag. Here’s some of our favorite tricks:


:: How to Pack for a Business Trip without Checking a Bag ::


  • Dry shampoo and conditioner. Rather than buying a new travel size bottle of shampoo every time you go somewhere, check out Lush’s dry shampoo and conditioner, which can be conveniently carried in little tin boxes. They won’t count as liquids (which aren’t allowed on the plane) and they won’t leak in your bag!


  • Turn a pill organizer into a jewelry organizer. It keeps your necklaces from getting tangled and your earrings from getting lost.


  • Roll your clothes. It prevents wrinkles (not that you have to worry about that, since you wear Johnna Marie suits!) and conserves space.


  • If you don’t like the rolling idea, try a folding closet storage shelf. Hang it in your closet, fold your clothing and stack it, and then collapse it into the suitcase. When you get to your hotel room, simply hang it up again. Genius!


  • Pack less. Okay, this one is obvious. But keep in mind that you can re-wear some items, like jackets and pants. And if you pack things that match each other well, you only need a few items to create many different outfits. Johnna Marie suits are designed to be mix-and-matchable staples!

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