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'Tis the season: 5 Ways to Resist Temptation

Posted: Nov 09 2015

Welcome to the holiday season, folks! And you’ve decided you want to eat healthier? Excellent choice! Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or you’re simply tired of eating foods with ingredients you can’t even pronounce, a healthy diet will help you look and feel better in all aspects of your life. But, sometimes it’s easier said than done especially with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas packing a triple punch to your waistline. Here are our top 5 ways to resist temptation and stick to healthy foods:


  • Make a list: Plan your meals and snacks for the week before you grocery shop. This will help you to buy what you need, and only what you need. Make sure to check your fridge and pantry thoroughly so you don’t end up running back to the store because you forgot something!


  • Eat before you shop: If you’re hungry while you’re at the store, you’ll end up adding extra items to your cart. Eating before you shop will help you stick to your list.


  • Don’t buy junk food: The easiest way to avoid eating Oreos is not to buy them in the first place!


  • Out of sight, out of mind: If you do have snack food in the house (or you live with someone who brings it home) keep it somewhere separate, so that if you snack, it’s an intentional choice. You’ll probably find that if you don’t see Cheez-its, you don’t crave them. (I don't know...I pretty much always crave Cheez-its.)


  • Buy less: Keep track of what you don’t eat. Anything you threw away last time, don’t buy next time. This will help you stop snacking on leftover, AND reduce your grocery bill! It’s a win-win!

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