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Top 5 Business Trip Carry-On Essentials

Posted: Nov 03 2015

Traveling for your job can be a great perk—but it can be tough to feel fresh and energetic when you’ve just stepped off of a plane and headed straight into a meeting. Packing the perfect carry-on bag can make a huge difference. Here’s what to bring to help you look and feel alive after a long flight.


Johnna Marie wants to help you look and feel refreshed after a long flight!


Lip balm and cleansing wipes: The air inside a plane is dry and stale. Use lip balm to keep your lips from cracking. Use the wipes to quickly wash your face towards the end of your trip to instantly feel more alert, and less like you just got off a plane!


Healthy snack: Even if the bag of tiny pretzels is free, whatever you bring is bound to taste better and be healthier. We recommend granola bars, raisins, carrot sticks, or apple slices to keep you energized.


Scarf: Not just a fashion accessory to help you look put-together when you disembark! A scarf doubles as a blanket during the flight.


Tablet: Your tablet or iPad turns the plane ride into the perfect opportunity to get some work done before you land.


Comfortable, wrinkle-free outfit: If it doesn’t fit right, it won’t be comfortable. And if it wrinkles easily, you’ll look disheveled when you arrive. So make sure to wear something that will help you look as comfortable and confident as it makes you feel! Johnna Marie's Classic Collection is made from quality, wrinkle-free fabrics that will ensure you arrive to your destination looking as if you've just stepped onto the plane! 


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