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Back to school = Back to routines

Posted: Sep 13 2015


I LOVE AUTUMN. For as much as I enjoy summer…I love fall even more. There is such a nostalgic feeling to the season. Everything in nature becomes a little more colorful and our wardrobe shifts to cozier jackets and trousers. This time of year also signals back to school which equals back to routines in my house. Mornings can be a little more hectic during the school year compared to those lazy days of summer but I really enjoy the structure. I call it organized chaos. And with a few weekend hours of meal prep you can feel less rushed and remain in control of your healthy lifestyle–even when you are short on time.


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The easiest thing to skip when I am short on time is breakfast. But it really is the most important meal of the day! And these easy-peasy frittata muffins are my favorite go-to breakfast treats. These cuties taste as good as they look and the flavor possibilities are endless! Just make a batch on Sunday and re-heat them all week for a healthy, balanced kick of protein to take you straight through to lunch.


Nom Nom Paleo loves these breakfast treats, too! Here are 3 recipes to get you started:

And here’s a tip from me to you. Buy the silicone muffin pans. They will save you from peeling away sticky paper liners and are worth every cent!
(Recipes/Image courtesy of Nom Nom Paleo)


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