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Love your body NOW

Posted: Aug 31 2015

Johnna Marie love your body now custom clothing for women

What do you think is the most common comment we hear at Johnna Marie? No, it’s not about how much you love our wrinkle-free fabrics or how simple and convenient our process is to navigate. Hands down, what we hear the most from women is “I need to lose 10 pounds before I can get measured.”


 But I’m here to tell you, “Ladies! You are perfect just the way you are NOW!” Isn’t it a shame that we don’t feel we deserve custom-made clothing until we have abs like Victoria’s Secret supermodels? Wouldn’t it be great if we embraced our bodies, perceived flaws and all, and dressed for success now? Not 10 pounds from now?


:: Johnna Marie offers a risk-free guarantee for all custom clothing purchases ::


Johnna Marie understands the way women think (hey, we are women!) and we want to reduce the risk of shopping with us. So go ahead, send in your measurements. Order your first custom jacket. And we promise that if, within 6 months of ordering, you’ve lost the last of those pesky pounds from an all-you-can-eat vacation, that we will get you to a trusted tailor to have your clothing altered. Free of charge. Because while we already think you look great we want you to feel great…in your skin and in our custom clothing.




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