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Chic Business Travel

Posted: Apr 02 2015

Business trips can leave even the most seasoned traveler with a range of emotions. Landing in a unfamiliar city with new sites, attending events and meeting new people can have you eager to step on the plane. However, packing for a business trip can be tricky because you want to personalize your style—looking professional yet chic for every engagement—without taking everything and your kitchen sink!  

The first step is to choose clothing that makes a timeless statement. The idea is to find items that are easy to mix and match, flaunt your personal style and fit into one suitcase. A classic pencil skirt and a pair of slim trousers are always on my packing list because they can be dressed up or down for each event. These two garments can be paired with a fun graphic print blouse or statement necklace that showcases your style while keeping that carry-on from bulging at the seams!

Check out how we've styled 7 Johnna Marie Classic Collection garments into polished, cool and chic travel looks. All of our garments are wrinkle-free, pack effortlessly in a small carry-on and will take you from the conference room to happy hour. We knew you'd love that. 

What's the one item that's always on your packing list?

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