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A Lady Named Coco

Posted: Oct 01 2014

As Paris Fashion Week draws to a close, we have to tip our hats to Coco Chanel—the flawless embodiment of elegance. Coco has never sewn a wrong stitch and this is the very reason she has maintained her iconic representation. Chanel is a brand of glamour and timeless beauty that women of all ages never fail to admire. If Chanel doesn’t make you drool, I don’t know what does.

Chanel’s influence far exceeds that No.5 bottle of perfume and her famous interlocking C’s. In fact, women everywhere, no matter the income level, can thank Coco for her revolutionary idea to make pants fashionable. Maybe Coco wasn’t the first to invent pants, but it is no surprise that she was the first one to wear them best.

Out of self-consciousness (or maybe she just didn’t want to show off), Chanel would wear lounge pants to cover up at the swimming pool. She took a piece that was formerly tied to the working class and factory employees and made it stylish. Coco’s innovative thinking has opened many doors for women’s self-expression and confidence in the way they dress.

Coco abandoned societal norms by wearing pants and managed to do it in the chicest way possible. Coco, you are definitely cool.

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