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Why Made in America?

Posted: Jul 04 2014

I was in line with my good friend, Robin, at a local restaurant in rural Georgia, when we were approached by woman who was very excited. See, my friend’s family has owned manufacturing plants for generations. But neither of us could understand her excitement until she spoke to us about how she's worked for his family for over 30 years. She proceeded to tell us that not only does she work for him but that her mother and daughter are also employees. And it struck me that in small towns such as this, people take pride in their leaders. The leaders and colleagues within their companies become something like family and the jobs these companies create by keeping their business stateside is, perhaps, even more important especially given the limited resources in a rural community such as this one in Georgia. So, buy American! And Happy Fourth of July!

Go here to learn about The Made in America Movement.

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