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Women Wear the Pants

Posted: Sep 08 2014

Even though it's still 90 degrees outside, the post-labor-day-calendar-date symbolizes the beginning of autumn to us. And that means it's time to pull out those pants from the back of your closet.

And, we think it is safe to say that if pants were eliminated from your wardrobe, you would feel limited and definitely sad. Sorry to dampen the mood, but we should all take a quick second to thank Elizabeth Smith Miller, the woman that has been widely credited as the first to wear a pair of pants. While her pant-wearing outfits included a skirt over the pants, as women we can all appreciate the increase in activities when not having to worry about your skirt blowing up in the wind. Hello world!

Elizabeth was widely criticized by the mainstream for wearing pants, making her not only a daredevil, but an original hipster as well. Fanny Wright took this idea to the next level by ditching the skirt and embracing a full-pant look. From its early bloomer-style, pants developed as the inconveniencies of wearing a skirt were realized and accepted. It was dangerous to wear extra fabrics in the factories just as it was irritating to operate a bike while wearing a floor length skirt. You can imagine the struggle. As a result, the pant became more widely accepted as a staple of feminine wardrobe and has since taken on an infinite number of shapes and styles from wide-legged trousers to daisy dukes to skinny jeans.

Elizabeth, thank you for your genius and happy autumn to everyone.

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