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The Power of a Suit

Posted: Apr 09 2015

There is something about the structure of a well-made suit that signifies power. Maybe it’s the assertive shoulder pads or the intensity of the dark color, but the history of the suit is just as intense as its character.

Unsurprisingly, the suit’s origin stems from the military, an image of power and dominance. European military uniforms consisted of long coats and waistcoats in addition to the wig and breeches.

The popularity of this style flourished in the 1800s in Victorian fashion. After all, if women had to wear corsets, the least the men could do was to wear a nice suit. Different variations of the suit were developed during this period in order to accommodate an assortment of occasions. While the frock coat was apart of regular dress, the dinner jacket was designed to be worn to the fanciest of events. These were some fancy, fancy times.

Throughout the 1900s the suit has hardly evolved. There have been stylist changes here and there; however the power it exudes has remained constant. Modifications to a more casual form have progressed with the years, with the peak of informality arguably occurring throughout the 1970–80s. Funky fabrics were used, dancing was done, and the rest is history.

The classic elegance of the suit has persisted through many very different time periods, speaking to the stability and force of the garment itself. Whether it is worn casually or fancily, it can never escape its rich history that has created the image of the business world singlehandedly.

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